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Talk about China's packaging and overall impression

1. Preface

I am very happy to visit China this time, especially to have a direct exchange with so many Chinese colleagues on the topic of packaging direction, which is a rare opportunity. First of all, several cities in China, whether Kunming, the spring city, the west of the ancient city, or Beijing, the capital, have left a deep impression. The speed of development here is unimaginable for most Westerners. As a person who has worked in the field of packaging for many years, I am also surprised by the packaging situation in China. What I see is much better than my imagination of China and its packaging situation

China has a large land area and population, and its population distribution and structure has its own characteristics. As a big country of reform and opening up, China must go to the world and carry out extensive exchanges and trade exchanges with all countries in the world, which is very important to the whole world and China. In today's economic globalization, there are more and more Chinese products in German and European markets, which is bound to involve the packaging of products. Here I would like to talk about some views and hopes for Chinese packaging in combination with the packaging situation in Germany

Second, the overall impression of Chinese packaging

in China, I have seen that Chinese government departments pay special attention to packaging. In addition to the central organization of China Packaging Technology Association, various provinces and cities also have branches. At least more than 30 colleges and universities have packaging engineering majors. At the same time, they also meet many colleagues from newspapers and journals in the field of packaging, which Germany cannot compare with China. All these show that China attaches great importance to product packaging, which is also a correct decision

packaging itself is a part of product production, and its quality directly affects the quality and price of products. I have heard a technical term several times in China, saying that Chinese products and their packaging are "first-class products, second-class packaging, third-class prices". This concept and term has become the oral language of Chinese packaging industry, and it is said to have lasted for more than ten years. At first, it was a good thing to encourage everyone to work hard to improve China's packaging as a revolutionary policy, but today, some ideas should also be changed. We often see that Chinese products are used in various fields in Germany. The quality of Chinese products is completely comparable to that of European products, and the packaging of products has reached a considerable level, but the price is always low. We have been thinking, why can't the prices of Chinese products be raised correspondingly? We believe that the spoken language of Chinese counterparts should be changed to "first-class products, first-class packaging, first-class prices". Good products need good packaging. Good products and good packaging should sell at a good price. This is the same not only for China, but also for the whole world

in fact, Chinese packaging has a long history and tradition, and has a strong oriental color, which is quite attractive to the West. Although China did not have much trade with the West for a period of time due to various reasons, and the corresponding product packaging also experienced a period of repetition, we are glad to see that great changes have taken place in China in the past 20 years, and the quality of products and their packaging is also getting higher and higher

Third, sales packaging

we went to some modern supermarkets in China, also visited many ordinary stores, and saw many different packaging of daily necessities. Compared with Germany, these sales packages have reached the level of Europe. Whether it is the decoration, modeling, structural design of packaging, or the printing quality of packaging, it gives people a new feeling. In particular, China's Baijiu, tea packaging and spray cans have left a deep impression. They are not only beautifully designed, exquisitely printed and processed, but also have Chinese national characteristics. The last point is that Chinese packaging colleagues can't lose at any time. In addition, many Germans like to eat Chinese food, because the seasoning of Chinese food has its special taste. The Chinese stores that went to Hamburg were like going to the kitchen. The smell of seasoning was floating in the air. The main reason was the poor barrier of packaging materials, which was unqualified according to the packaging regulations. But this time I'm glad to see that this phenomenon can no longer be smelled on the condiment packaging in the supermarket

IV. transportation packaging transportation packaging should first ensure that the products are not damaged during transportation, storage, loading and unloading, and then meet the requirements of convenience and information transmission. In this regard, China's transportation packaging design can be said to have basically met the corresponding requirements. We have seen that the strength of the outer packing boxes of refrigerators, color TVs and other electrical appliances has reached certain quality requirements. The quality level of corrugated boxes in China has been quite high, and the carton structure is also designed reasonably. Modern transportation packaging should not only meet its protection function, but also be beautiful and generous. We also saw some transportation packages in the shopping center. Most of the outer packages are designed and printed with good quality, and also attached with various signs according to the corresponding standards, which are very important for international trade. It is also sincerely hoped that China's transportation packaging can be designed and manufactured in accordance with international standards

v. cardboard packaging materials this time, we also saw that cardboard packaging materials are developing very fast in China. As we all know, this kind of packaging material is beneficial to environmental protection and easy to recycle. Therefore, cardboard packaging materials have been widely used in transportation packaging all over the world. It is not only widely used in outer packaging, but also in inner packaging and buffer packaging. Chinese counterparts have not only done a lot of work on the use of corrugated cardboard, but also carried out a lot of research and development on the application of honeycomb cardboard in packaging. From the perspective of environmental protection and packaging waste recycling, this is a good way, but here we should pay attention to a problem, that is, the use of this kind of paperboard will certainly be limited, especially after it absorbs a certain amount of water, its strength and other properties will soon decline. Therefore, in addition to the use of environmental and climatic conditions, sometimes the corresponding protective measures such as rainwater should be considered. In addition, when this product is put into the market, we must find out how much demand there is for this product and what is the market prospect? If everyone blindly produces corrugated board or honeycomb board, many adverse consequences may occur

VI. some hopes for Chinese packaging

1. Palletization of transportation packaging

modern transportation packaging should save manpower and time and realize high-speed automation, because users require to get the products they need in the shortest possible time and save costs as much as possible. Pallet packaging is a way to solve this problem. It can realize rapid loading and unloading, and reduce the corresponding dynamic load, so as to reduce the damage rate in the process of transportation and loading

the first point to be discussed here is that pallets must be used as much as possible for the packaging of China's export products. Since loading, unloading and transshipment are automated in Europe, it is extremely inconvenient to have no pallets. If the packages are stacked on the pallet again, it will waste time, increase labor costs, and increase the chance of damage. The second point is that the size of the package must match the size of the standard pallet as much as possible. This problem can often be found in Hamburg Port. Whether the overall size of packages stacked on pallets is larger or smaller, it will have a certain impact on container transportation or safe loading. Therefore, when designing the structure size of the package, we must optimize the design by connecting the standard tray size as much as possible

2. Packaging waste and environmental protection

packaging is the general name of containers, materials and auxiliary materials adopted according to certain technical methods in order to protect products, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales in the process of circulation. It has many functions. However, in the eyes of some people, packaging is just a kind of garbage, and many people believe that packaging waste must account for more than 30% of the total amount of all kinds of garbage. The actual situation is not so. In Europe, the proportion is about 3%, and in China, it should be roughly the same. However, with so many people in China, the demand for packaging is very large, so the recycling of packaging waste also plays a certain role in environmental protection

in China, we heard the colleagues in the packaging industry talk about the white pollution of plastic bags. We think we can take different methods to solve this problem. For example, if the price of white plastic bags is appropriately raised, users should consider what kind of packaging bags are cost-effective; Some publicity and education can also be carried out for residents. It is suggested that everyone try to use cloth bags or baskets to buy daily necessities; Mobilize everyone to classify packaging waste consciously or stack it directly in corresponding containers, and punish the phenomenon of littering plastic bags or other packaging waste accordingly

it is relatively easy to recycle plastic bags in Germany. Considering that the cost of recycling plastic bags is higher than that of directly producing new materials, Germany mainly adopts the method of combustion treatment for the recycling of plastic bags. The corresponding treatment technology has avoided the pollution to the environment during the recycling of plastic bags, and the heat energy generated during combustion can be fully utilized

3. Avoid over packaging

the first thing to say is to avoid over packaging, whether in sales packaging or transportation packaging. Intuitively speaking, it is to save the use of packaging materials as much as possible on the premise of protecting the products from damage; At the same time, the selected packaging materials, packaging containers and structures must match the contents. If a product with low value is packaged with expensive materials and complex structures, it also belongs to over packaging. In addition, I want to make it clear that people's income level must also be considered in packaging design. At present, the overall average income level in China is not too high. If they are all made into luxury packaging, it is obvious that not all consumption can afford it. It should be admitted that at this time, the dynamometer in China did not select the required experimental machine according to the breaking force value of the experimental material. There were many rich people before the maximum load contacted the upper pressing plate, but most residents' income was still at the general level, and it should not be forgotten that about 60% of the people lived in rural areas, so packaging design must also think of them

VII. Conclusion

China in the 21st century will become an economic power in the world, and the economic development will also drive the rapid development of the packaging industry. No product can be separated from packaging. Packaging is closely related to people's life. The improvement of people's living standards will certainly put forward higher requirements for packaging. At present, how many colleges and universities in China cultivate professionals in packaging, which plays an important role in the development of packaging. I hope more Chinese students can study in Germany and Europe, including packaging majors. In this way, we can learn from each other and better understand the specific requirements of Europe for packaging, which is very important for China's export commodity packaging

people should be full of confidence in the future of Chinese packaging, and adopt 1 + 4 hot continuous rolling and 1 + 2 cold rolling technology

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