Talk about a Asustek 4000 price in March 2016

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In March 2016, talk about a 14 inch versatile ASUS 4000 price book

what is a traditional laptop

mid-range standard voltage processor,

graphics card that can play low-quality games,

14 inch screen with poor appearance,

plus optical drive that can't be used several times in a lifetime

the configuration of this laptop is barely enough for whatever it does, but its performance seems to be insufficient

the previous positioning of this kind of notebook was called all-round notebook, which means a notebook that can do everything (but it is not perfect)

such computers are almost extinct at present. After all, under the impact of intelligence, notebook computers have begun to gradually transform into professional devices, professional portable, professional games, professional rendering, etc. notebooks that can do everything but can't do well are no longer the mainstream demand

but there are many such users after all. The sales volume of's last ASUS traditional notebook can explain the problem. Today, let's talk about the survivors of this traditional notebook:

ASUS x450j

why is it called business entertainment? Because it can neither be serious business nor fun, it can only look like that, but it can be used together, so it is called business entertainment [fan Er]

its configuration parameters are as follows:

IH processor

gt940m 2GB independent graphics card

4GB memory

1TB mechanical hard disk

the current price is less than 4000 yuan

its advantages and disadvantages are as follows:


1, a first-line brand, looks exquisite at first glance

2, the performance is mainstream, daily office + lol is no problem

3, the keyboard feels good at the same price


1. The large plastic body, the texture of the old Samsung plastic shell

2, the screen is a 768P low-grade TN screen, and the worst screen

[upgrade suggestions]

this notebook is ten points convenient to disassemble. It is OK to remove the foot screws, but disassembly will affect the warranty

there is a little less 4G memory. If it is not enough, you can upgrade another 4GB ddr3l 1600MHZ memory

solid state drive. There is no interface upgrade. If it is really necessary, you can remove the optical drive. The alliance aims to combine the technical achievements and innovation ability of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with the operation ability, industrial transformation ability, market development ability, sales and service ability of relevant enterprises, and add solid state drives with optical drive interfaces

[purchase suggestions]

1, users who have a lot of needs for computers and miscellaneous

2, do not have high requirements for the screen

this laptop is a typical traditional all-round laptop, with moderate performance and retains ancient electronic products such as notebook CD-ROM drive and 14 inch low split screen, giving people a feeling that they can do everything but can't do anything very well

if you are a science and engineering student, you need to use office to buy a computer, but no one will repair the software and basic CAD and other design software. You also need to play two lol games with your classmates when you are staying in the dormitory at ordinary times, so this notebook can meet your needs

but if you have professional needs for design software, not limited to learning, you need a stronger processor, or you have particularly high requirements for games. If you want to experience high-quality games, you can't find both sides of this notebook. 1. Clearing the dust in the track and pulley meets your needs

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