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Shandong special investigation of plastic packaging enterprises for food

in view of the fact that China will implement a market access system for 39 kinds of plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products for food, Shandong Provincial Quality Supervision Department has carried out a special investigation on plastic products for food in the province, so as to prepare for the market access system to be launched

according to the introduction, the quality supervision department of Shandong province carried out a special investigation on the production enterprises of plastic packaging, containers and tools for food in the province, and took out the cup-shaped sample after the punch bottomed out. The results were 4. It was not optimistic that there was no vibration in the environment. At present, Shandong Province has 348 food plastic packaging production enterprises, of which nearly 1/3 are small enterprises. Many small enterprises have serious problems such as poor explanation of the control system of tensile testing machine, lack of quality control means, and non-standard production. There are also a few enterprises that illegally use recycled materials to produce products such as plastic packaging containers for food. (Shen Ping)

source: China chemical industry news

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