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Qiu Feng of Shandong Lingong won the title of "national model worker"

Qiu Feng of Shandong Lingong won the title of "national model worker"

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"now high and new technologies are developing rapidly, and the implementation and application are becoming increasingly urgent. No matter software or hardware, you can go out without learning in three days." With the courage to study and the sense of urgency that time waits for no man, Qiu Feng, the leader of the electrician class of Shandong Lingong equipment power department, became obsessed with the study of technology. From a fledgling electrician to a recognized technical master, Qiu Feng's adherence to his post has made him a model for temporary skilled workers in Shandong. Recently, at the national commendation Conference for model workers and advanced workers, Qiu Feng was officially awarded the title of "national model workers" and was interviewed by Party and state leaders together with 2064 model workers from all walks of life across the country

Qiu Feng, a Shandong temporary worker, won the title of "national model worker"

Qiu Feng entered Shandong temporary worker in 1985, checking equipment, repairing electric lights, checking circuits, troubleshooting, and changing numerical control... Through hard study, Qiu Feng gradually mastered extremely complex principles such as dazzling circuit boards. In his spare time, Qiu Feng became a self-taught talent, mastered systematic theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience, and became the authority of the company's equipment electrical maintenance

when Shandong temporary works moved as a whole in 2005, more than 20 imported high-precision CNC equipment needed to be reinstalled and debugged, with an estimated cost of 34 million yuan. This batch of equipment installed and debugged by foreign experts is of high precision. It seems to many people that only foreign experts can complete the reinstallation and debugging work. However, Qiu Feng worked together with his workmates and worked overtime for three months. All the projects were completed by himself. He didn't hire a "foreign expert" and didn't spend any more money. He made outstanding contributions to the smooth completion of the overall relocation of Shandong temporary workers, making the situation of hiring foreign experts to repair imported equipment at a rate of 1000 yuan per hour a history

in 2012, Shandong Lingong set up the first batch of technician workstations, and Qiu Feng became a tutor. Since the establishment of the workstation, he has personally "guided" and trained a large number of young talents urgently needed in the production line of electrical automation and Mechatronics to make it closer to the expansion coefficient of glass or carbon. Many people have become the top beams of various posts, mainly used for tensile test columns under rated experimental force

in recent years, Qiu Feng led the members of "Qiu Feng model worker Innovation Studio" to complete a number of effective and practical technological innovation and improvement projects, such as "centralized meter reading and power monitoring system", "oil and gas tank liquid level monitoring system", "remote control transformation of double beam crane", "AGV car development", which saved more than 12 million yuan for Shandong temporary work

since joining the work, Qiu Feng has won many honors: in 2002, he won the National May Day Labor Medal and was awarded the honorary title of "technician with outstanding contributions to China's machinery industry"; In 2003, he was awarded "technician with outstanding contributions in Shandong Province"; In February, 2006, it was rated as "the first in Shandong Province". Thank you for choosing Jinan assaying friction and wear experimental machine technician "and" Linyi chief technician "

30 years of persistence has made Qiu Feng a true portrayal of contemporary workers' perfection and dedication. The award of the honor of national model worker will encourage Qiu Feng to climb the high-tech and high-tech equipment and be able to work normally within the range and make more extraordinary contributions in an ordinary position

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