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Shandong Lingong joins hands with CCTV to promote "China's good driver"

Shandong Lingong's other potential uses are corrosion prevention and de icing workers join hands with CCTV to promote "China's good driver"

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Guide: on March 17, CCTV China's good driver series public service advertisements with high profits were launched in Beijing, as the only partner of the project in the construction machinery industry Yu Mengsheng, the initiator and organizer of China's good driver, a large-scale public welfare activity popular all over the country, was invited to attend and announced the second

on March 17, the launching ceremony of CCTV's "China's good driver" series of public service advertisements was held in Beijing. As the only partner of the project in the construction machinery industry and the initiator and organizer of the nationwide popular large-scale public service activity "China's good driver", Yu Mengsheng, president of Shandong temporary engineering, was invited to attend and announced that the second "China's good driver" activity in 2014 had been launched and would echo CCTV's public service advertisements, We welcome the wide participation of all sectors of society to cultivate and bring up more "Chinese good drivers" and jointly promote driving civilization

Shandong Lingong, founded in 1972 and headquartered in Linyi, Shandong, is a leading enterprise in the domestic construction machinery industry that can change the moving speed of beams. In 2006, it became a member company of Volvo Group through a joint venture with Volvo Sweden. Shandong Lingong adheres to the core concept of "reliable bearing and heavy support", and is committed to providing customers with the most reliable products and services through continuous innovation. Its main products include loaders, excavators, rollers, graders, mining vehicles and small construction machinery, among which the production and sales volume of loader products has been the first for many years, and the export volume has been the first, and it has been honored as the first brand of loader in the world, Known as the "king of loaders" in the industry

in 2013, out of the industry mission and care for grass-roots workers, Shandong temporary workers joined hands with national moral model guomingyi to launch a large-scale public welfare activity - "China's good driver", which for the first time took front-line practitioners in the construction machinery industry as the object of care, provided free accommodation, training and examinations, helped them obtain the vocational qualification certificate issued by the state, and improved the professional quality of the company; At the same time, we should explore outstanding deeds from workers, carry forward industry virtues, spread the concept of public welfare, and inject more positive energy into society. The "good driver in China" activity lasted for six months, covering all parts of the country, caused a sensation inside and outside the industry, and launched the theme of "everyone strives to be a good driver and drives the Chinese dream with one heart", which has attracted strong attention from mainstream institutions

inspired by the "good driver in China" campaign, CCTV launched a series of public service advertisements "good driver in China" in 2014. At the launch ceremony, Bai Yansong pointed out that drivers' weak legal awareness and poor safety prevention ability have become an increasingly serious common problem, which not only covers road vehicles, but also exists in various non road vehicles, including construction machinery. At present, the only way to improve traffic safety is to cultivate "good drivers". All sectors of society have reached a consensus. For this reason, CCTV, together with a number of authoritative institutions and well-known enterprises, has produced a series of public interest advertisements such as "lighting", "stunt drivers", "engineering vehicles", which appeal to and guide the public to improve safety awareness and launch an upsurge of safe driving, civilized driving and striving to be a "good driver"

CCTV's public service ads are highly consistent with the concept of Shandong Lingong's "good driver in China" activity. Among them, the "engineering vehicle" is specifically aimed at all kinds of construction machinery drivers, which fully reflects CCTV's attention and attention to this field. The launch of the public service advertisement coincided with the official launch of the "China's good driver" activity in 2014. This year, on the basis of the year-on-year promotion of 130% in 2013, it will be comprehensively upgraded from the depth, breadth, public welfare connotation and other aspects, which will benefit more grass-roots workers and help them realize their career aspirations and the Chinese dream. At the same time, as a communication platform for the vast number of construction machinery drivers to learn and train, exchange and help each other, the "good driver club" has also officially announced its establishment, and is committed to becoming an excellent social organization in China to help the grassroots Chinese dream and continuously transmit positive energy

Yu Mengsheng, President of Shandong Lingong, said that people from all walks of life and more enterprises are welcome to join this public welfare cause. In 2014, the "China's good driver" activity will optimize the training content and assessment direction, ensure that more drivers with "both ability and political integrity" stand out in the activity, become an example of "good drivers", echo with CCTV public service advertisements, and once again set off a boom of "everyone strives to be a good driver and drive the Chinese dream with one heart"

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