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Shandong Lingong Ma Hengliang was successfully selected as the first "chief technician of Qilu"

Shandong Lingong Ma Hengliang was successfully selected as the first "chief technician of Qilu"

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on November 24, 2016, the Shandong technology exchange was presided over by Jiao Hongwen, Secretary General of the special committee, and the general office of the provincial people's government issued a notice on publishing the list of chief technicians of Qilu in 2016, Shandong temporary excavation survey equipment whether the operation is normal; Ma Hengliang, electric welder of the vacuum pump and excavator business department of the engine shaping platform, was selected

"Qilu chief technician" refers to the excellent high skilled talents who are engaged in technical skills in the production line, have good professional ethics, excellent skill level, rich practical experience, outstanding performance contribution, have a great influence and driving effect in the province and even the whole country, and are widely recognized. The selection of "Qilu chief technician" is an important measure for our province to strengthen the construction of high skilled talent team, lead and drive the development of high skilled talent team in the province, and better serve the construction of a strong economic and cultural province

it is reported that during the management period, each Qilu chief technician will enjoy a monthly allowance of 1000 yuan from the provincial government; At the same time, the chief technician of Qilu is included in the high-level talent pool of Shandong Province. If the machine is equipped with a computer, the Department of resources and social security organizes some chief technicians of Qilu to participate in provincial investigation, consultation and other activities every year. Qilu's chief technician is selected once a year, with no more than 150 people each time, and the management period is 4 years. This year, only 149 people in the province were selected

Comrade Ma Hengliang was successfully selected into the first Qilu chief technician list, which is not only an affirmation of his excellent achievements in personal skills and innovation, but also a demonstration of the remarkable achievements made by Shandong Lingong in accelerating the construction of high skilled talent team. (this article is from Shandong Lingong)

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