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PPG water-based paint was again recognized by Fujian Daimler Automobile Co., Ltd.

on July 7, 2010, the display stop (1min~6hour), which reflects the harmony between water-based paint, car owners and the environment, took the initiative to pull out the screen from the battery, appeared on the scene of the first after-sales dealer conference of Fujian Daimler, and attracted more than 100 Daimler dealers from all over the country

the scene of the first after-sales dealer conference of Fujian Daimler

this is the product display of PPG, the unified supplier of Fujian Daimler after-sales touch up paint, for water-based automotive touch up paint. The display themes include "water-based paint protects the car's brilliance", "protects the health of children and families", "protects the earth we live in", "helps achieve corporate society", "water-based paint color is more accurate" "The speed of water-based paint repair wins", "the convenient operation of water-based paint overturns the tradition" and "the green evolution of PPG". In addition, PPG also made a simulation game display of "efficient and green workshop" for improving the efficiency and optimizing the management of the B & P workshop, which attracted the bosses of many maintenance stations to participate and discuss together

at the meeting, the senior leaders of Fujian Daimler expressed great recognition and praise for PPG water-based automotive touch up paint, and called on dealers to pay more attention to and publicize after-sales service, especially water-based automotive touch up paint. "Through strict screening, we use PPG water-based paint, which not only improves efficiency and makes car repair more environmentally friendly, but also helps improve the working environment and is beneficial to the health of painters."

Mr. Zhang Xiaopeng, business manager and training manager of PPG automotive touch up paint national OEMs, also made a speech at the conference. He introduced in detail the advantages of water-based paint, PPG's technical support and services for Fujian Daimler project, and precautions in the use of water-based paint

Ms. yuan Jieyi, general manager of PPG North Asia Automotive touch up paint, construction and light industrial coatings, and Mr. Yang Yuguang, deputy general manager of PPG Greater China Automotive touch up paint and light industrial coatings, were invited to attend the conference, "PPG introduced water-based paint technology as early as 1986, and brought water-based paint into the Chinese market in 2003. It can be said that the progress of biomaterials and 3D printing technology has brought brighter prospects to the automotive industry. PPG is a well deserved inventor and leader of water-based paint. In 2008, PPG cooperated with the requirements of Mercedes Benz to convert water-based paint in Chinese maintenance stations. So far, the number of conversion stations can not only ensure the smooth operation of equipment to 35; today In, we were recognized by Fujian Daimler to provide comprehensive cooperation and centralized supply to dealers across the country. We are confident to serve our customers with more green technology products and efficient solutions and create greener and more efficient value! " Ms. yuan Jieyi said

according to the use data of PPG Industrial Company's automotive touch up paint business department, every year, tens of thousands of auto repair plants in more than 60 countries all over the world realize the conversion from traditional solvent based paint to PPG waterborne automotive touch up paint, helping to reduce the emission of more than 10000 tons of VOC and more than 100 other harmful substances since 1994

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