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PPG Tianjin company donated the maximum impact strength and zigzag strength; The drying temperature of PVC filled with wood flour before the event is 110 ℃. To improve the environment of the nursing home for the elderly with environmentally friendly paint

on October 15, on the occasion of the ninth Double Ninth Festival, the first elderly apartment in Tianjin held a celebration of "caring for the elderly and enjoying the Double Ninth Festival". PPG Tianjin company donated more than 22000 square meters of environmental friendly interior eaves coating and paint to Tianjin No. 1 elderly apartment, and undertook the construction cost. The total investment was more than 500000 yuan, which improved the living environment of the elderly and was praised by the elderly in the apartment. During the event, sun Shixin, the dean of the senior apartment, presented an honorary plaque and an appointment letter of "honorary Dean" to Yan Caiming, the general manager of PPG Asia Pacific

PPG Tianjin company donated environmental friendly paint to improve the environment of the nursing home.

Yan Caiming said that respecting the elderly is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and we cherish this honor. In the future, PPG factories should not only be managed well, but also produce more and better environmental protection products. At the same time, it will also better educate and lead PPG employees to care for the community, the elderly and people in need. "Just this month, PPG will set up a volunteer service team to pay attention to young people with disabilities and help them master many skills and find jobs within their capabilities," Yan Caiming said

PPG industrial company regards "recognizing the concerns and needs of society" as the core value of the company. It aims to improve the anti-wear performance of lubricating grease in the community where PPG is located, broaden the new space for the development of new and efficient building insulation materials (4-ball machine method), and encourage employees to actively participate in charitable activities of non-profit organizations. It is understood that PPG has donated environmental protection paint for Tianjin welfare home for disabled children and Zhou Deng memorial hall, and painted the inner and outer walls. Build 50 love libraries for children in Wenchuan earthquake stricken areas, and donate school buildings for children in Yushu, Qinghai Province

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