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PPG has been selected by caterpillar as a coating supplier. Introduction: Caterpillar Co., Ltd. has selected PPG workers, who have made great contributions to the cost control, weight reduction and comfort improvement of automotive products. The industrial coating division of the Industrial Company (New York Stock Exchange code: lead screw PPG) is the exclusive supplier of heavy equipment coatings, providing coating products for the company's new motor grader assembly plant in North littlerock, Arkansas. In addition to being supplied as a single source of paint

caterpillar Co., Ltd. has selected the industrial coatings division of PPG industries (NYSE Code: PPG) as the exclusive supplier of heavy equipment coatings to switch different grades for the company in North littlerock, Arkansas, USA; The automatic passivation material preparation method is simple, and the grader assembly plant provides coating products

in addition to being a single source coating supplier, PPG also provides on-site technical and product approval support, and also provides in-factory training on coating application technology for coating line operators through the knowledge college service program

John valasco, PPG's global account manager, said he believed that this project would help PPG better fulfill its solemn commitments to heavy equipment coating customers. "We are not just selling a gallon of paint or a box of powder paint." He said. "Our cooperation with customers like caterpillar can fully demonstrate our strong strength as a supplier of overall coating solutions."

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