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PPG has successfully developed high-performance solar optical blue glass

PPG company has recently developed a high-performance glass - type 80 solar optical blue glass, which is a perfect combination of type 80 Low-E glass and the company's latest blue-green two-color optical glass

in addition to its unique artistry, this kind of glass also has high energy efficiency. The standard insulating glass unit with a thickness of 1 inch, the heat gain coefficient of 80 solar optical blue glass is 0.23, and the visible light transmittance is 34%. This makes the light gain rate of the glass reach 1.48, which is far higher than the light selective glass with a light gain rate of 1.25 developed by the U.S. Department of energy

compared with general two-color glass, type 80 high-performance solar optical blue glass is particularly energy-saving for owners and architects. An 8-story full glass curtain wall building in Houston is studied. The results show that using this kind of high-performance solar glass with the same size to replace the original standard two-color glass can save us $106000 in energy consumption. The energy conservation of the new glass is very obvious, because it can effectively block the heat transmission

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similarly, 80 type high-performance solar energy optical blue glass on oil cylinder and plane can reduce the installation requirements of owners and architects for air conditioners in buildings, so it can greatly reduce the installation cost of air conditioners

the application of new energy-saving glass is very beneficial to environmental protection. Research shows that the carbon dioxide emission of office buildings in Houston can be reduced by 530 tons per year by replacing the traditional two-color glass with new glass. According to the service life of a building for 40 years, in order to prevent the migration and dissolution of toxic and harmful chemical pollutants left inside the material, the total carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 21320 tons - equivalent to the total annual carbon dioxide emissions of 4200 passenger cars

save energy, reduce the installation cost of air conditioners and reduce carbon dioxide emissions - these properties fully illustrate that the 80 type high-performance solar optical blue glass fully conforms to the principle of low-energy electron diffraction

this kind of glass can be annealed, thermally strengthened and thermally bent

like all other products of the solar glass family, type 80 high-performance solar optical blue glass can be purchased through the PPG group company station

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