Common executive standards of the hottest gate val

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Common executive standards of gate valves

common executive standards of gate valves

design specifications: jb/t 7746, API602

structural length: jb/t 7746 Factory specification

socket/Thread: jb/t1751/gb "Due to the high phosphorus content 7306, ANSI b16.11/b2.1 test and inspection: jb/t 9092, api598

pressure temperature: gb/t 9131, ANSI b16.34

product identification: gb/t 12220, MSS sp25

supply specification: jb/t 7928

forged steel gate valves often ignore the pressure problem. During the grease injection operation, the grease injection pressure is regulated, and the semi free floating ball steam trap regularly changes from peak to valley. The pressure is too low, the seal leaks or the safety valve fails, and the pressure is too high The grease injection port valve manufacturer is blocked, the grease in the seal is hardened, or the sealing ring is locked with the valve ball and valve plate. Usually, when the grease injection pressure is too low, the injected grease mostly flows into the bottom of the valve chamber, which usually occurs in small gate valves. The pressure of the grease injection flow control valve is too high. On the one hand, check the insulation gate valve and the grease injection nozzle. If the hole of the grease remote control ball valve is blocked, it is judged that the spring is closed and the wrench is fully opened and replaced; On the other hand, for the plunger stop valve, the grease is hardened, so it is necessary to use cleaning fluid to repeatedly soften the failed sealing grease and inject new grease for replacement. In addition, the sealing model and sealing material also affect the greasing pressure. Different sealing forms have different ones. Figure 3: the screw used by haydal is the high-precision seamless ball screw e of Germany ulleneff. The ongoing course. The first problem is to solve the problem of lightning stroke. Generally, the greasing pressure of hard seal is higher than that of soft seal. (end)

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