The hottest PPP landing projects increased by 28 i

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PPP landing projects increased by 28% in the first quarter, or the steel ball of the buffer valve in contact with the import had stolen goods or excessive clearance%, maintaining a good growth trend

PPP landing projects increased by 28% in the first quarter, maintaining a good growth trend

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Ministry of Finance station on May 3 news, Shi Yue, Deputy Minister of Finance and leader of PPP Work Leading Group 3% Yaobin recently presided over the first meeting of the 2017 PPP leading group. The meeting pointed out that in the first quarter of this year, PPP still maintained a good trend of accelerating the implementation of projects, with a net increase of 28% in the implementation of projects

the meeting believed that PPP reform has achieved positive results in the past three years. In particular, in 2016, the work was progressing smoothly, the number and scale of PPP projects were more than four times higher than that in 2015, the coverage of regions and industries was further expanded, the participation of private enterprises was steadily increased, and the development environment was constantly improved. At the same time, positive progress has also been made in system construction, publicity and training, fund investment, basic management, etc. In 2017, the focus should be on improving the PPP system, vigorously promoting the development of PPP in agriculture and happy industries, standardizing the launch of the fourth batch of demonstration projects, increasing the guidance and support of PPP with awards instead of subsidies and PPP funds, further optimizing the development environment, and promoting PPP work to achieve greater results

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