In the hottest Science Festival, Ning Eve plays wi

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During the Science Festival, Ningxia wa played with "artificial intelligence"

a child was visiting the assembled robot

contestants are debugging robots

contestants write programs for robots

our correspondent (Li Shu) on October 13, the main event of the third Ningxia Youth Science Festival, hosted by the science and Technology Association of the autonomous region, the Department of education, the Department of science and technology and the civilization office, officially kicked off in the Ningxia science and Technology Museum and the D Hall of the International Convention and Exhibition Center

with the theme of "ignite the spark of science and stimulate youth", this science festival is divided into home and separate venues. The activities brought together 13 rich and distinctive youth science and technology education activities, such as artificial intelligence youth creative programming competition, youth electronic production competition, and children's science fantasy painting exhibition. Nearly 1000 science and technology instructors, primary and secondary school students, college students, staff of science and technology education institutions and science and technology companies actively participated in various activities

"the competition has not only trained our thinking ability and practical ability, but also enhanced our sense of cooperation. More importantly, it makes me feel that science is around us." At the scene of the maker's Carnival competition in hall D of the Convention and Exhibition Center, Lu Zeyuan, class 4, Grade 8, Yinchuan No. 3 middle school, and his team are programming the deadly robot kit Raptor with great interest

on the other side, Qi Chen, who is in the first day of the fourth middle school in Helan County, is participating in the remote coded mine detector competition. "When practicing before the competition, we should remember the corresponding welding positions of seven or eight wires and weld the arms by ourselves. The biggest gain of this competition is that it has trained my concentration and memory. Now an ancient poem can be recited in half an hour." Qi Chen said happily that now he is full of interest in science. With the adjustment of the energy industry structure, level 2 maintenance: including all the contents of level 1 maintenance

it is reported that this youth science festival lasted more than a month, and some separate activities have been carried out in some cities, counties (districts) and schools in the region in mid September. A total of 40 units, including primary and secondary schools, social education institutions and technology companies in the five cities of the region, organized and carried out a total of more than 300 rich Youth Science and technology education series activities, with nearly 200000 Teenagers Participating widely. During the event, the Organizing Committee of the Science Festival organized relevant experts and science popularization staff to carry out a series of Youth Science and technology education activities, such as high-precision load sensors, displacement sensor education activities, backbone teacher training, science popularization campus activities, mobile science and Technology Museum roving exhibition, rural science and Technology Museum backbone teacher training and so on

the relevant person in charge of the organizer said: the activity has greatly promoted the vigorous development of science and technology education activities for teenagers in the region, created a good fashion among teenagers to learn science, love science, use science and explore scientific knowledge, and played an important role in cultivating and improving teenagers' awareness of scientific and technological innovation and practical ability

all pictures in this edition were taken by Li Shu

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