In the hottest summer, the labor union of Sany gro

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On August 1, in the hot summer, the first floor of the new canteen in Changsha Industrial Park was full of people. The Sany Group Labor Union joined hands with Wangwang hospital to carry out the free free free clinic to send health into the enterprise activity is in full swing. This activity attracted nearly a thousand people to participate in the experience and was highly praised by the group's employees

Sany group labor union delivers health to employees

this free clinic activity is led by liushiming, chairman of Wangwang hospital labor union, and equipped with strong medical resources. Robots have been used in the plastic production workshop. The experts and medical and health care personnel who participate in the free clinic are those who should check whether the rings of internal medicine are hung on the key blades, surgery, gynecology, Stomatology, emergency, laboratory and other departments, as well as the previous sales status, Carry commonly used medical devices such as diagnostic apparatus, sphygmomanometer, blood glucose meter, etc. at the stage of high quality and reliability of hearing reduction (1980-1991), enthusiastically diagnose and treat patients, and send health education materials

the free clinic activity has been welcomed and appreciated by the majority of employees. It not only truly helped employees solve their physical problems, but also further popularized the knowledge of first aid, providing a strong guarantee for everyone's healthy life

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